My First Cricut Cut

Spending the whole of my Sunday clearing and organizing, my Cricut Explore finally has a designated place in my room. I’ve had this Sony display stand lying around which now has a proper purpose as a stand for my Cricut. Unfortunately I never really liked the stark logo and have tried to remove it countless times with no success. Now with my Cricut all set up, I wanted to test it out. I created a monogram with my initials on the vinyl I bought 2 weekends ago. Create, upload, cut… Logo problem solved! Can’t wait to create more projects soon!

Sale Alert: Silkygirl Perfect Stay 20hr Eyeliner

Sale Alert: Silkygirl Perfect Stay 20hr Eyeliner on Through My Looking Glass,

I was at Parkway Parade today and decided to head to Watsons on the way to lunch to grab my go-to eyeliner Silkygirl Perfect Stay 20hr Eyeliner. Guess what? It’s on sale! Only $6.90 (usual retail price S$8.90)!!! I decided to stock up and purchased 2 blacks and 1 brown.

After trying on a bunch of different brands (ranging from S$6 to S$80), I really feel these are my fav. By the end of the day my lids tend to get a little on the oily side and these liners seem to hold pretty well. Plus for the price they are available whether regular or sale, it’s sooooo affordable.

What I Really Think Of… Benefit They’re Real Push-Up Liner

Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner beauty review on Through My Looking Glass,

So I heard about this upcoming eyeliner via email and since I was running out of eyeliner I thought I’d give it a try. Said to be a long-lasting, precision liner gel liner in a pen. Sounded pretty good! Plus Benefit has awesome packaging and marketing that really makes their products look yum.

Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner beauty review on Through My Looking Glass,

Furthermore I have been using Benefit They’re Real mascara which has been a pretty awesome product. Mascara isn’t clumpy which is a major thumbs-up for me.

Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner beauty review on Through My Looking Glass,

I purchased a piece at Sephora for S$38 on the launch day. To begin, the product construction is pretty interesting. The pen is slim and easy to grip. The tip is a soft rubber that discharges the gel with a twist effect. It took a couple of twisting to get the gel flowing and on my first application, it got some getting used to.

Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner beauty review on Through My Looking Glass,

The result of the eyeliner was thick and bold which is perfect for night makeup. As I’m more use to thinner liner in the day, I needed a tad more control to get the right consistency for a lite effect. While the first application was rather creamy and smooth, its been already about two weeks in and it feels a little drier.

My usual test to conclude if an eyeliner is good usually comes from it’s hold throughout the day. Most eyeliners tend to smudge under the eye from the outer corners. While I wouldn’t say it was a bad smudge, there was signs of it.

Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner beauty review on Through My Looking Glass,

As for the waterproof test that 81% claim… well… it wasn’t for me. It pretty much drained after a bath. Maybe water-resistant would be a better terminology for the product… maybe.

Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner beauty review on Through My Looking Glass,

Another observation I noticed the day after every application is that the gel liner seems to clump out of the pen tip. The twist mechanism on the pen is far from sensitive. A little twist and nothing comes out until hours later and too much would give enuf to last you for two days which means ultimately applying it with a brush if you plan on maximizing the product instead of just cleaning it away.

The great part of Benefit They’re Real Push-Up Liner however is removing it at the end of the day which comes off pretty easy.

Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner beauty review on Through My Looking Glass,

For bold eyeliner lovers, you would probably enjoy using this. But in my opinion (for someone who has applied eyeliner using the whole range of techniques) it is not exactly idiot-proof and I would not recommend this for novice eyeliner users. While I’m trying hard to love this product, I would probably return to my S$8 for Silkygirl Perfect Stay 20hr eyeliner for better control on precision and long hold.

Slumber Style

Finally on my bed after a long day of family’s birthday celebrations. With my room cooled and hibernation-ready I slipped into my new pj set which is über comfy. I have been searching high and low for silky pj sets which don’t come with prints. Thus far it has been available either overseas or really expensive.

A couple of weeks ago I headed to Johor and to my surprise these pj sets were available at their local hypermarket Aeon and in a bunch of colors. I snapped up three pairs and love them. Turquoise and navy blue with thin white border and another navy blue with thick white border. A week after another set, black this time, came in the mail from a previous online order. Still on the lookout for white with black border. My momma said she saw some over at Chinatown so hopefully I’ll head there to check out the selection soon. When your looking for something it’s so hard to find, when your not looking its available everywhere.

Time to grab some much needed shut eye. Nites and sweet dreams!

Rock Me Jewelry

In my previous post Thailand Week 2014, I mentioned one of my newly found fav brand Rock Me Jewelry. They specialize in handmade jewelry mixing metals like silver and brass with unpolished semi-precious stones creating fun and rather whimsical pieces in the form of earrings, rings and necklaces. These are the pieces I bought from them.

To see their latest designs, head over to Rock Me Jewelry